eBay Dirtbags

I’m getting sick of non-paying bidders on eBay. I’ve been buying and selling on eBay since 1994, I even owned an eBay consignment service for a few years. And one of the most important things I’ve learned in all these years was something I already knew: people suck. It’s really very simple – don’t bid …

Those bad e-mails we just can’t stop reading

We all get them, most of us daily…..and we secretly love them!! I’ve started posting the bad e-mails we really do enjoy even if we won’t admit it. Check them out here https://www.scotts2cents.com/those-bad-e-mails-we-just-cant-stop-reading/

Brett Favre Retirement

I’m kind of glad something came up that I wanted to write up. I really hadn’t had anything to compelling that I wanted to spout off about and was kind of bummed. I was going to try to avoid my first post being political but the day after the Ohio and Texas primaries I thought …

Hello world!

Sometimes there is stuff that just needs to be said so when those times come up I’ll say them here….