Good or Evil?

When I started this blog I really had no idea what it would be or what it would turn in to.  I’m still not sure I know.

So far I’ve avoided politics, but…Obama….seriously people….really? 
Okay, that’s enough controversy.  Luckily, nobody really reads this stuff.

So my question today is not so simple and not exactly new, ground breaking thinking but I wonder….

Are people naturally (or instinctively) good and they have to try to be (or learn to be) evil?  Or are we all evil trying to be good?
Perhaps evil is the wrong word, maybe that gives too much negative conotation.  Good or Bad?  Does that make it easier?

Personally I think, with some exceptions of mental instabilities some people may be born with as part of their DNA, we all choose who we are and how we act.  We choose to help others or not.  We choose to return extra change we might be given by a cashier.  We can speed or go the speed limit, we can tailgate or not, we can let people in during traffic or not.  See why good vs bad is maybe better than good vs evil?  I don’t think being a rude driver makes you evil, but might make you a bad person if it’s a regular behavior – maybe you’re just a jackass. 

We all also choose to rob people, or mug people or commit murder.  Now maybe evil is a better word.  But I still think you make choices.  Certainly we all have different circumstances and some people have an easier chance to make what most would consider the better choice than do others but you’re still making choices. 

That’s my 2 cents….I welcome your comments.

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