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Did You Know?

This is a pretty cool video. About 5 minutes long. It may elicit many emotions from different people: Fear, joy, amazement, dropped jaw, anger but it will absolutely make you think. CLICK BELOW FOR THE VIDEO Technology

Good or Evil?

When I started this blog I really had no idea what it would be or what it would turn in to.  I’m still not sure I know. So far I’ve avoided politics, but…Obama….seriously people….really?  Okay, that’s enough controversy.  Luckily, nobody really reads this stuff. So my question today is not so simple and not exactly …

Old Friends

When I first started this blog it was mainly to learn about how WordPress worked and how blogs worked.  My intent was to ramble on about things that I wanted to vent about.  Like idiot drivers, horrible customer service, the stunningly inaccurate weather forecasts in Kansas City, how bad our local sports teams are and …

Ball Girl Makes the Grab!

I’m pretty sure this is fake but it’s still entertaining.  Enjoy! Amazing Ball Girl Video UPDATE – As I suspected, this is in fact fake. It apparently is a Gatorade marketing ploy.

Express Ticket to Hell

A lot of people do a lot of bad things.  And if you believe in Karma maybe it’s OK because what goes around comes around. Perhaps you believe in hell, perhaps you don’t but I think we’ll all agree, if there is a hell this is a great way to ensure your spot. Chase turns …