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Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft 2022 Rounds 2-3 Quick Review

Chiefs Draft Skyy Moore

Keep on keepin’ on! Another outstanding day for the Kansas City Chiefs. Three more impact players that will contribute to this football team right away. Skyy Moore – 2 Y’s, love it! This can go it and has big hands – this could end up being the steal of the draft. Bryan Cook has great …

Kansas City Chiefs NFL Draft 2022 Round 1 Quick Review

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Trent McDuffie

For me, it’s simple. It’s an A. A solid A. Not quite an A+ because of short arms and trading up but that’s nitpicking. 2 biggest needs addressed – that’s a win. And there are plenty of WRs left in the draft, the Chiefs will take one, or two – maybe 3 but DE and …