Disney World Trip Planning – When to Go, How to Plan, Lodging, Dining and More

As you know by some past posts (my most popular posts in fact) I’m a big Disney Parks/Disney Vacations fan and part of the fun for me is planning.

I just found a great resource over at WDWPrepSchool.com that I wanted to share.  If you’re new at planning Disney vacations there are a lot of great resources available – absolutely add WDW Prep School to your list of helpful sites.

Here is their infographic on planning a great trip to Disney World in Florida.  Or maybe I should say great planning a great trip.

Disney World Trip Planning Infographic

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  • Love the pics….we are heading on a “secret” trip in December for a few days to enjoy the doioratcens. It is truly a magical place and can you imagine the look on sweet Baby G’s face when you take him?? He will be amazed and I have goose bumps thinking about it!!! 🙂

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