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Back again with my 2012 Disney Crowd Calendar broken down by week.  This utilizing the data from the fantastic website TouringPlans.com but organized how I use it that I thought you might find helpful.  I’ve created estimated crowds by week.  This year both Saturday – Saturday weeks and Friday – Sunday weeks.  This way, at a glance I can see what weeks are least busy, or at least should be less busy than other weeks.  If you’d like to see what the calendar looked like for crowds last year see my 2011 crowd calendar.

As of the first of the year it looks the least busy weeks for Disney World crowds will again be in September – the week ending 9/15/12 and 9/22/12.

Looking at the charts below keep a few things in mind – first these are estimated crowds based on average wait times throughout all the parks for these times of the year and are shown for the week ending with the date indicated.  Also remember that this data will change throughout the year but rarely enough to change the overall information and advice these charts can provide.

There are many factors that go into planning a Disney World Vacation but if crowd levels is part of your planning in 2012 I hope these help.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Disney World 2012 Crowd Calendar Sat - Sat

Disney World 2012 Crowd Calendar Fri - Sun









































Here’s the same data as the Saturday – Saturday Crowds shown above, just a different view in the chart:

Same Sat - Sat Data Just a Different View




















Again, same data as represented in crowd level charts above just another way to look at it.


Disney World 2012 Crowd Calendar Spreadsheet Sat - Sat
Disney World 2012 Crowd Calendar Spreadsheet Fri - Sun






































































So there you have it – a quick glance at the estimated crowds you might find at Walt Disney World throughout 2012.  It’s one of many factors that should influence your Disney vacation planning.

But keep this in mind…..there is no bad time to go to Walt Disney World, only less crowded times  😉














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