Do I Need a New Hobby? Maybe Woodworking….

Between work, extra work, family and sleep it’s tough to have time for too many hobbies.  Which is okay of course.  But maybe I need a new hobby….

A long time ago I collected baseball cards, but didn’t all kids?  Then I turned it into a small side business, then a job for a few years but now – years later the industry is very different and I just have the interest anymore.  Plus, one big factor for me in thinking about a new hobby is something I can do with my kids and my son isn’t a huge sports fan so baseball cards doesn’t seem like a great option at this age.

There’s coin collecting – that might be interesting but their are a lot of coins – where would I even start and I’d probably be tempted to just spend the money.

I already play a lot of fantasy football in the fall and do pretty well thanks to custom fantasy football cheat sheets from but again, my kids aren’t football fans so it’s not something I can share with them and I probably already am too involved in it already.

Does yard work count as a hobby?  I do a lot of that.

Maybe woodworking?  That certainly seems to take some patience and a lot of equipment and supplies like router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters and I’d probably need some kind of special table.  My neighbor across the street does a lot of woodworking so I might have a resource to help me out if I decided to go this route with a new hobby.  But I’m not sure I have the patience for woodworking and I’m certain my son does not have the patience.  I’ll have to give this one more thought.

I enjoy planning our family vacations, as evidenced by my Disney World Crowd Calendar from 2011, I’ll be doing another for 2012 at the end of the year.  But again, not sure that’s really a hobby.

I’ll keep thinking about it.  Not that it matters, I still don’t really have much time anyway.  Someday I will, and then traveling often will probably win out as a hobby.


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