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I am a huge fan of Disney World and a huge fan of the Touring Plans Crowd Calendar; heck I’m a huge fan of everything Touring Plans has to offer.  Planning a potential upcoming trip I decided to look at the numbers how I need them.  Basically Saturday – Saturday (although now thinking why not add a night and go Saturday – Sunday, but for now this data is Sat – Sat) for the entire year.  So here’s a quick look at what I found and how I did it.  I put all the crowd calendar numbers for 2011, except the first week because I started late and didn’t go back and fix it, into a spreadsheet.  Then I totaled the crowd level number for the 8 days from all Saturday to Saturdays for the year.  So of course, the lower the number the less the crowds across all 8 days.  I then made a few charts to represent this, now I’m sharing.

According to TouringPlans.com (as of 1/4/11) the least crowded week at Disney World is 9/17 – 9/24.

Followed closely by any week the rest of September.  The last week of January is also expected to have very low crowds and short wait times.

There are of course a great many factors when determining when to go to Disney World besides simply crowd levels but I thought this was interesting data and some people might agree so I thought I’d share.

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Disney World Crowd Calendar Chart 2011
Disney World Crowd Calendar Chart 2011
Crowd Calendar Numbers - Disney World - Jan 2011
Crowd Calendar Numbers - Disney World - Jan 2011

TouringPlans.com updates this data as needed – usually when Disney changes operating hours and of course these are only estimates (but TP is really, really good at it) so subject to change for multiple reasons.

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  • Should you really be posting subscription-required data on your blog?

  • This is not directly the data you get from them, it’s my use of the data. A grey area I admit but I give them full credit and full props for their great data. I’m simply showing how I use this data – in a different form than they offer it.

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