T-Mobile G2 by HTC in my hands for 18 hours compare to Nexus One and G1

Just got my T-Mobile G2!!!

A quick bit of background.  I had a G1 very early on – pre-ordered and got pretty quickly.  This replaced by Blackberry (which had replaced my Palm) and I absolutely loved my G1.  When the Nexus One came out – again, I jumped on it quickly.  Ordered within minutes of availability and got it very quickly.  LOVED IT!  But…it had issues:  wouldn’t hold WiFi signal at home (well documented issue on forums), battery life is not good at all, and my top button has now died.  Froyo was like getting an entirely new phone – the speed boost was amazing!

So it was not easy to give up Nexus One but if I can solve the issues I had AND get a physical keyboard back (never really loved the virtual keyboard) I was ready to try it!

Ordered the G2 shortly after midnight when it became available.  And on 9/30/10 it arrived!

Here are my first impressions after only hours of use:

Love the touch sensitive pad over the trackball (although I liked the trackball).

The G2 is a bit thicker, and heavier but feels sturdy and isn’t THAT bad.

Keyboard feels sturdy and the buttons are pretty good for a phone that size – I do miss 5 rows (love the dedicated numbers on the top row).

Screen is amazing!

The G2 is absolutely as fast as the Nexus One – no question about it!!!

SO FAR – The wireless connection is holding at my house!!!!!!!  Huge plus for me!!  Hopefully this continues to be the case with more use but the Nexus One would drop pretty easily and although show connected would pass no data.

Battery life – we’ll see…..I hope, I hope, I hope.

Having my top power/sleep button back is very nice.

I don’t care for the camera button – it’s big and very noticeable.  I like the theory of having the quick access button to the camera but it’s a bit intrusive.

That’s it for now….like I said, very initial thoughts – and I’ve literally had it for only hours.  But SO FAR SO GOOD!  The Nexus One may be headed for eBay very soon!

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