A talking post?

This post is really a test post, I am testing NaturallySpeaking from Dragon Software it is dictation software that may or may not be working. I am watching the words delayed by about anywhere from 1 to 5 seconds as I speak them, but the accuracy seems to be pretty good.
I will talk a little bit about the Royal who won again today to go to 2-1 on the season and it had three excellent, outstanding even, starting pitching performances. Gil Meche on opening day perhaps the best of the three – the one not get the win as Kyle Farnsworth was a disaster and gave up the game-winning home run. Zach Greinke very impressive, got to the bullpen and went with Jose Cruz to Soria and today in the rubber match of the series Kyle Davies picked up right where he left of in the regular season so outstanding pitching winning 2, dropping 1. But they left way too many runners on base and its little scary. Still, 2-1 and coming back for the home opener and maybe Sydney Ponson can prove me wrong and beat the Yankees.
So thank you for letting me do one post here while I talk into my microphone instead of typing.

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