They’ll never learn!

I’m getting so tired of hearing about stuff like this.  This is exactly why these companies should have been allowed to fold and go bankrupt.  Then maybe somebody would learn something.  Instead, we bail them out.  And when I say we I mean that almost literally – it’s government money and government money comes from taxpayers.  Except of course for those who don’t work and don’t pay taxes but get millions in handouts from Obama and the liberals so perhaps I don’t mean we.  Anyway… if there are no consequences for unbelievable behavior like this why will it ever change.  It should be demanded that Wells Fargo IMMEDIATELY pay back every cent of the bailout money they accepted.  If they can’t, shut them down, sell them off and get our money back.  

This is absolutely unbelievable… 
Bailed-out Wells Fargo plans Las Vegas junket

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