It’s really getting annoying!

It’s still January….this one doesn’t surprise me, we knew this coming.

Basically, if you can’t pay your bills because you got into a house over your head irresponsbily the government is now going to bail you out.  Are you kidding me?

LONG story short my parent’s lost the house they built from the ground up and that my sister and I grew up in because they ran into financial trouble because of inflation and a real estate market that all but literally died in the 80s.  Nobody bailed them out – their were consequences for irresponsbile actions.  This is absolute crap.

Welcome to Socialism!

So I should stop paying my mortgage for a few months I can get bailed out!

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  • I can manage being delinquent for 60 days….oh but wait…I’m responsible…I forgot about that. It’s so easy to forget.

  • I’m going to wait till I’m old, spend all my money, then let the government pay for me to live in an old folk’s home. It’d be just like the dorm. You can do the same. And Jannelle, and Amy. And some of my high school friends. I’d have a ball at their expense.

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