It’s going to be a long 8 years….

I don’t even know what to say.  I’m already exhausted by it all – I don’t have the energy to go on and on editorially anymore – and it’s only the end of January.

How is this not racist?
Robert Reich Excludes White Male Construction Workers from Obama Stimulus Plan


Nothing like fair & unbiased coverage of the news:

Headlines On This Date 4 Years Ago:
“Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops die in unarmored Humvees”
“Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times”
“Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party, Ordinary Americans get the shaft”

Headlines Today:
“Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million

“Obama Spends $120 million on inauguration; America Needs A Big Party”
“Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate”
“Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration”

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