The New K – Royals Upgrade Kauffman Stadium – Finally

Don’t even get me started on the vote that decided an over priced rennovation to a 35 year old stadium was a better option for the Royals than a Downtown stadium.  Or the ridiculous scare tactics and lies used in the extensive advertising campaign to pass the ridiculous deal that led to rennovations instead of exploring the glorious potential of a brand new Downtown stadium.  How’s the Sprint Center and Power & Light District working out??? Wish you could vote again don’t you Kansas Citians?  And I won’t mention the failed years of horrible drafting based only on signability that has crippled this team so badly it’s sad.  Today is about optimism.  Today is about the new stadium. 

In April of 2009 the Royals claim that the new stadium will be complete and in full glory on opening day against the Yankees.  And along with that will come several new seating options.  The 2 I’m excited about are the Diamond Seats and Diamond Boxes.  The Diamond Seats are the sections directly behind home plate.  All new padded seats, in seat service, a private entrance to the stadium and full access to the Diamond Club Lounge.  And Diamond Boxes bring back old school box seating with all the same amenities of Diamon Seats plus the added advantage of $20 in food/merchandise credit including on every Diamond Box ticket.  I’m very excited about these seats – hoping to have a pair in both sections and can’t wait for the K in 2009!

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