It’s good to be PayPal

I’ll save my rant about auto insurance for another time – how nice is it to sell a product required by law that everyone who drives must buy?!?!??!

Anyway, being PayPal is good.  And eBay being very smart realized this years ago and bought them.  They seem to have absolutely ZERO liability for anything.  I am an eBay Power Seller and have sold 1000’s of items on eBay over the past 14 years (my original username I sold with my eBay consignment business was registered in 1994) and have used PayPal for a vast majority of sales.  And nothing has ever been their fault.  If my account gets hacked, it’s may fault – they take no liability – my money is gone all they say is sorry we tried to recover your funds and could not.  Then if I’m a seller and someone pays me with an account that got hacked that’s somehow my responsibility as well????  I didn’t approve the transaction, I didn’t decide it was a legitimate transaction – PayPal DID but somehow I’m the only who suffers.  I get the money taken back out of my account, I lose again.  It’s unbelievable.  How is the person who approved a transaction not at fault if it was a fraudulent transaction????  Unbelievable.  So someone got free tickets to a Red Wings playoff game and I had to give back (have it forceably removed from my account) the $377.77 I sold them for!!!  ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

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