I was stunned

I simply couldn’t believe it.  My wife and I along with our 1 1/2 year old daughter in her stroller were at the community center where our son takes a Tae-Kwan-Do class each week.  We’ve been going for several months now and with perfect regularity parents have pulled up chairs along the window on the side, then curving out toward the door then starting rows behind.  It’s tough to explain and I’m not going to draw it – it really doesn’t matter at all – it does not change what shocked me, what happened was ridiculous even without a very well known informal seating situation.

A parent and a grandparent – at least one of whom, if not both I know have absolutely been there before and knew of the seating method.  But again, this does not matter at all.  They arrived just a few minutes early, 5-6 minutes after us.  Without even glancing at us they simply pulled up chairs directly in front of me, my wife and little girl.  I just don’t understand people I guess.

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