Sit in your seat!

As you’ll learn if for some reason you continue to read my rants with any regularity I have many pet peeves (aka…things that piss me off) and I decided a long time ago that this world would be a better place if I were in charge of more stuff.  For example…..better control over seating at sporting events.  I suppose relying on human decency and common courtesy wouldn’t seem like a bad plan, but I think we all know better.  As I’ve said before; people suck.

When you go to an event.  A sporting event, a concert, a play – anything that requires a ticket your ticket will have a section number, a row number and a seat number printed on it.  SIT THERE!  It’s very simple, there are dozens of ushers who will help you find your seat- SO FIND IT!  If your ticket says Section 452, you are not in the lower level – find stairs going up when you arrive at the venue.  If your ticket says row ZZ you are not likely directly behind the dugout.  Don’t take your $8 ticket and try to sit in front of me in my $54 lower level seat.  If you want to sit in the lower level, buy a lower level ticket jackass!

I went to a Texas Rangers game a few years ago at The Ballpark at Arlington – they have it figured out.  As much as I hate to give the state of Texas credit for anything I love what they do at Rangers games.  We arrived at the game pretty early  and were watching batting practice, we had 10th row tickets right behind home plate.  About 90 minutes before game time ushers came around to the few dozen people gathered in the good seats and checked ticket stubs to make sure you belonged!  I loved it!! For the remainder of the game to get down to the good seats you had to show your ticket stub at the walkways leading from the concourse to the seats – it was outstanding.

Now perhaps you’re thinking I’m a snob or have an elitist attitude about this.  Well you’re right.  I don’t want to hear about how not everybody can afford to go to a game, or afford to get good seats.  Sorry…. study harder in school, learn more, get smarter and get a better job, work harder, earn more money and then buy seats in the lower level.  Until then don’t be a weasel.  Don’t sit in front of me, or next to me or behind me if that’s not your seat.  I work hard to have the money to afford good seats, so do most of the people around me and we don’t need somebody with an upper level ticket sneaking down in front of us – it’s just not right.

At the end of a blowout game when most of the crowd has thinned out and you want to move closer with your kids to get the experience of sitting down close I have no problem with that, just show some respect and don’t sit in front of anybody else (remember, it’s not until a lot of people have left thus there are many empty seats that this is OK) and don’t act like an idiot.  Of course the don’t act like an idiot rule applies no matter the time or location and certainly still applies if you’re sitting in front of me and have right to that seat because you paid for it you still shouldn’t act like an idiot but that’s an entirely different rant.

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