1989 Upper Deck Baseball Low Number Case Fresh Foil Box

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Video evidence of my breaking of the seal on a 1989 Upper Deck Baseball Low Number Foil case and taking the boxes directly from the case into a ziploc bag and sealing with tamper evident tape. 

Why did I do this?
Simply an effort to show potential buyers of these boxes that these boxes are exactly as advertised – directly from a sealed case!  Many people sell these boxes as “never searched” or “case fresh” and although in many cases I’m sure this is true.  But I’m also sure in many cases this is not true (http://reviews.ebay.com/1989-Upper-Deck-Baseball-Packs_W0QQugidZ10000000002117358).  And as you may or may not know, the 89 Upper Deck Foil Boxes were sequenced very predictably by Upper Deck in 1989 and if known there was a method to open only a few packs and determine where the Ken Griffey Jr cards were in the box.  Someone could open the Griffey packs and then sell the rest of the packs which had little to no chance of having a Griffey Jr card.  Or they could peice together 36 post search packs into a “fresh box” and sell it as such.

My eBay Feedback as eBay Seller SpencersDad2003 is outstanding so certainly without this video you can buy with confidence from me without this video but for just some additional reassurance this video shows the boxes going directly from the case – broken open on video – into a bag and taped shut with tamper evident tape.

So when you buy your 1989 Upper Deck Baseball low number foil box from me you know for sure it in fact comes directly from a sealed case just like it would have over 20 years ago!  You now have my oustanding eBay reputation and feedback as well as a video!

I welcome your comments and questions either through this blog or through my eBay listing contact.

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  • Hi,
    Do you know the method of sequencing for ’89 Upper Deck? I have several cases and would like to see if it holds true.

  • @Thomas – I don’t know the method, only that it existed back in the late 80s and early 90s. Surprisingly I’ve never found any info on it anywhere on the web.


  • How can someone tell that the 1989 UD baseball box of unopened packs are High numbers?

  • In the lower right corner of the pack it will say Includes High Number Series. Apologies for the slow response.

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