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October 20, 2008

The Geico Cavemen

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Is it just me or is it time for the Geico cavemen to get over it!  Grow some skin and deal with it.  Stop crying and whining and leaving the beach because you’re so sad…..

And if two ultra hot chicks are checking you out getting off your motorcycles, maybe worrying about a billboard is not your best move!

July 22, 2008

An Odd Mix From Our (well, my) Past

It’s not easy to match and early 90s episode with an 80s video game that by today’s standards, well would barely be called a video game.  But has done it with this T-Shirt.  One of many great t-shirts that will bring back some memories for those of us who were children of the 80s.  Chris Farley as Matt Foley meets Oregon Trail.

For those with smaller monitors or old eyes the caption on the shirt reads:
You’ll be living in a WAGON down by the RIVER

And in case you don’t get this reference……(sorry about the ad, but the YouTube videos were lousy quality) Continue Reading

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