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December 1, 2012

Wii U System Update – Moms, Dads, Santa Clause – Don’t Let Christmas Morning Be Ruined with a 2+ Hour Update

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Epic fail on part of Nintendo and the new Wii U system.

If you haven’t heard – the Wii U requires a MASSIVE update right out of the box before it will even work.  It will take OVER 2 hours!  Yes, 2+ hours to update your brand new Wii U that everybody is excited about on Christmas morning.  And that’s probably optimistic   Christmas morning around the US I’m guessing there will be A LOT (millions?) updating their new Wii U’s which will slow it down even more.  Here’s a great tip – un-box your Wii U, set it up in secret, download and install the update before Christmas then repack in the retail box and wrap for under the tree.  That way it will be ready to play on Christmas morning. Continue Reading

September 20, 2010 SUCKS

I don’t have energy to re-write all the details – mainly because it just makes me angry all over again.  But the bottom line is pretty simple: CyberPower SUCKS!  Below is an e-mail I sent to them in some effort to get some satisfaction.

The highlights are this:

CyberPowerPC sent me my new, rather expensive, computer several months ago.  Not all the memory I ordered was showing up.  After several hours of troubleshooting it was determined the motherboard was damaged in shipping so it wasn’t seeing all the memory.  When I tried to ask Cyber Power PC for refund for the upgraded shipping I paid for since it clearly didn’t work, I was ignored – by several levels of people I attempted to contact. Continue Reading

June 20, 2009

Stone Canyon Golf Course – Kansas City, MO – Independence, MO

All Spring the Kansas City area was bombarded by commercials on TV, radio and print for Stone Canyon Golf Course in Independence, MO designed by Greg “The Shark” Norman. And all these promotions included promoting a $50 preview rate in 2009 before the club went private in 2010! Well, today (6-20-09) Stone Canyon sent out an e-mail saying that as of July 1st that preview was going away Fri-Sun (when anybody can actually take advantage of it)! Pretty crappy of them. First of all, your in Independence – get over yourself. But even if you’re the greatest golf course ever changing this preview rate you promoted heavily for weeks and weeks before you opened on May 15th is crap. I don’t ever remember hearing this was 6 week preview rate….of course I didn’t hear that – that would be pretty weak. Wait…..that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Not a great first impression by the course, pretty crappy quite frankly. Continue Reading

October 7, 2008

Too many lies from Barack Obama

A technicality on a complicated bill vote is one thing and nearly every politician has voted on a bill with something in it that will come back to haunt them and sound bad when taken out of context.  But some of the lies and mis-information being put forth by the Barack Obama campaign and scary.  Not only are they signficant lies they have some significantly fundamental problems as well.  Can you really vote for this guy?



September 17, 2008

Evacuee Behavior – Hurricane Gustav

Similar stories were common coming out of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and they need to be heard.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  This is how people act?  Deplorable.

This past spring into summer (2008) there was catastrophic flooding in Iowa – if you watched the Olympics you heard about Shawn Johnson’s hometown flooding.  That was the case over much of the state of Iowa, a disaster very near the level of any hurricane, homes were destroyed, livelihoods taken.  

What didn’t come out of Iowa were stories like this one.  Nobody looted, nobody begged for handouts, nobody cried racism, nobody blamed the Federal Gov’t, nobody blamed anybody.  Instead people helped their friends and neighbors the best they could; people acted like human beings.    Continue Reading

June 18, 2008

Express Ticket to Hell

A lot of people do a lot of bad things.  And if you believe in Karma maybe it’s OK because what goes around comes around.

Perhaps you believe in hell, perhaps you don’t but I think we’ll all agree, if there is a hell this is a great way to ensure your spot.

Chase turns sour for lemonade stand robber

Police arrest suspect after girl chased him into a nearby home

updated 11:36 a.m. CT, Tues., June. 17, 2008 Continue Reading

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