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December 4, 2008

Did You Know?

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This is a pretty cool video. About 5 minutes long. It may elicit many emotions from different people: Fear, joy, amazement, dropped jaw, anger but it will absolutely make you think.



September 16, 2008

Good or Evil?

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When I started this blog I really had no idea what it would be or what it would turn in to.  I’m still not sure I know.

So far I’ve avoided politics, but…Obama….seriously people….really? 
Okay, that’s enough controversy.  Luckily, nobody really reads this stuff.

So my question today is not so simple and not exactly new, ground breaking thinking but I wonder….

Are people naturally (or instinctively) good and they have to try to be (or learn to be) evil?  Or are we all evil trying to be good?
Perhaps evil is the wrong word, maybe that gives too much negative conotation.  Good or Bad?  Does that make it easier? Continue Reading

July 28, 2008

Old Friends

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When I first started this blog it was mainly to learn about how WordPress worked and how blogs worked.  My intent was to ramble on about things that I wanted to vent about.  Like idiot drivers, horrible customer service, the stunningly inaccurate weather forecasts in Kansas City, how bad our local sports teams are and why, etc…  I had planned to drop a few of the e-mails we all get and secretly love reading in here just for some content.  Turns out that’s about all I’ve really done so far.  When I’m driving, or lying awake and a rant pops into my head it sounds good and very blog worthy but by the time I get around to actually putting it down in “print” it either doesn’t sound so good or more commonly I’m just not that fired up about it anymore.  But today, something a bit different.  A reflection about old friends and why we lose touch and why it’s so nice when we hear from them.  Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy it’s not but perhaps if anybody ever reads this they won’t at least be left thinking they’ve just wasted 6 minutes of their life that they can never get back. Continue Reading

June 25, 2008

Ball Girl Makes the Grab!

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I’m pretty sure this is fake but it’s still entertaining.  Enjoy!

Amazing Ball Girl Video

UPDATE – As I suspected, this is in fact fake. It apparently is a Gatorade marketing ploy.

June 18, 2008

Express Ticket to Hell

A lot of people do a lot of bad things.  And if you believe in Karma maybe it’s OK because what goes around comes around.

Perhaps you believe in hell, perhaps you don’t but I think we’ll all agree, if there is a hell this is a great way to ensure your spot.

Chase turns sour for lemonade stand robber

Police arrest suspect after girl chased him into a nearby home

updated 11:36 a.m. CT, Tues., June. 17, 2008 Continue Reading

June 17, 2008

Rainbow Tornado

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All I can say is WOW!

This was taken in June 2005 in Kansas.

Tornado Rainbow

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