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February 8, 2017

Tesla Model 3 – What We Know (Sourced Info) As of January 2017

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There are a lot of rumors and guesses as to what the Tesla Model 3 will actually be when it’s finally delivered.  This is a list of sourced information we know as of January 2017 – it does not necessarily mean it’s all 100% true but it’s not just stuff I’ve made up.

See my video at for commentary on each of these items – for the most part this blog post is simply the source details for things in the video.

And if you just want to sweet eye candy – pictures and videos then checkout this video and get ready to drool Continue Reading

December 20, 2014

My Thoughts on the Kansas City Royals 2014 Off Season Moves…so far

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Because absolutely nobody asked I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Royals off season moves.  Keep in mind, the off season is far from over but as the end of the year approaches it is mostly over so now seems like as good a time as any.

There has been much more discussion and interest around the Royals than usual – and actually that is saying a lot because off season moves is typically ALL Royals fans have starting about June of the still in progress season. This year of course was different.  So very different, and so much better.  But… the season did end and the off season did come and the Royals have needs to fill. Continue Reading

December 1, 2012

Wii U System Update – Moms, Dads, Santa Clause – Don’t Let Christmas Morning Be Ruined with a 2+ Hour Update

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Epic fail on part of Nintendo and the new Wii U system.

If you haven’t heard – the Wii U requires a MASSIVE update right out of the box before it will even work.  It will take OVER 2 hours!  Yes, 2+ hours to update your brand new Wii U that everybody is excited about on Christmas morning.  And that’s probably optimistic   Christmas morning around the US I’m guessing there will be A LOT (millions?) updating their new Wii U’s which will slow it down even more.  Here’s a great tip – un-box your Wii U, set it up in secret, download and install the update before Christmas then repack in the retail box and wrap for under the tree.  That way it will be ready to play on Christmas morning. Continue Reading

January 29, 2012 SUCKS – Do Not Order from No More Rack

If you want cheap crap that takes over 30 days to receive is your place.

I’ve only placed 2 orders with them – both were terrible experiences.

Both took almost 6 weeks to arrive. My first order was for what was advertised as iPad charging cables. Problem is – THEY DON’T CHARGE the iPad!!! So, that’s a small problem.

Second order was for Hello Kitty hair clips for my daughter. Just over 30 days later, what should arrive but imitation wanna be Barbie like doll hair clips. So it took them a month to send me the wrong product. Hey, it happens I supposed. So I emailed their customer service this time. Their response was terrible. Basically the told me that I could return the product if I didn’t like it at my expense. So let me get this straight – they send the wrong product, and I have to pay to return it?? And no offer to send the right product.
I followed up by email explaining that I didn’t think I should have to send back the wrong product at my expense and I wanted what I ordered and would return what was sent with a prepaid shipping label. No response.
2 subsequent emails – no response. Continue Reading

October 29, 2011

Do I Need a New Hobby? Maybe Woodworking….

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Between work, extra work, family and sleep it’s tough to have time for too many hobbies.  Which is okay of course.  But maybe I need a new hobby….

A long time ago I collected baseball cards, but didn’t all kids?  Then I turned it into a small side business, then a job for a few years but now – years later the industry is very different and I just have the interest anymore.  Plus, one big factor for me in thinking about a new hobby is something I can do with my kids and my son isn’t a huge sports fan so baseball cards doesn’t seem like a great option at this age. Continue Reading

January 5, 2011

Disney World Crowd Calendar 2011 – Disney World Planning

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I am a huge fan of Disney World and a huge fan of the Touring Plans Crowd Calendar; heck I’m a huge fan of everything Touring Plans has to offer.  Planning a potential upcoming trip I decided to look at the numbers how I need them.  Basically Saturday – Saturday (although now thinking why not add a night and go Saturday – Sunday, but for now this data is Sat – Sat) for the entire year.  So here’s a quick look at what I found and how I did it.  I put all the crowd calendar numbers for 2011, except the first week because I started late and didn’t go back and fix it, into a spreadsheet.  Then I totaled the crowd level number for the 8 days from all Saturday to Saturdays for the year.  So of course, the lower the number the less the crowds across all 8 days.  I then made a few charts to represent this, now I’m sharing. Continue Reading

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