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October 20, 2008

The Geico Cavemen

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Is it just me or is it time for the Geico cavemen to get over it!  Grow some skin and deal with it.  Stop crying and whining and leaving the beach because you’re so sad…..

And if two ultra hot chicks are checking you out getting off your motorcycles, maybe worrying about a billboard is not your best move!

June 10, 2008

Left lane traffic monitors

I can’t say it more clearly, nor can the rules of the road.


The left lane does not exist for you to pick what is “fast enough”  as*hole!

If you are not passing another car in the middle lane GET THE HELL OVER and let those of us who want to pass you, do so.  It’s not an ego thing, it’s okay if you get passed by my Prius.  Maybe if you’re lucky you can laugh at me when you see me pulled over a few miles down the road.

GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE and let others pass!!!  That’s what the left lane is for! Continue Reading

March 17, 2008

Sit in your seat!

As you’ll learn if for some reason you continue to read my rants with any regularity I have many pet peeves (aka…things that piss me off) and I decided a long time ago that this world would be a better place if I were in charge of more stuff.  For example…..better control over seating at sporting events.  I suppose relying on human decency and common courtesy wouldn’t seem like a bad plan, but I think we all know better.  As I’ve said before; people suck.

When you go to an event.  A sporting event, a concert, a play – anything that requires a ticket your ticket will have a section number, a row number and a seat number printed on it.  SIT THERE!  It’s very simple, there are dozens of ushers who will help you find your seat- SO FIND IT!  If your ticket says Section 452, you are not in the lower level – find stairs going up when you arrive at the venue.  If your ticket says row ZZ you are not likely directly behind the dugout.  Don’t take your $8 ticket and try to sit in front of me in my $54 lower level seat.  If you want to sit in the lower level, buy a lower level ticket jackass! Continue Reading

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