Scotts 2 Cents

June 20, 2009

Stone Canyon Golf Course – Kansas City, MO – Independence, MO

All Spring the Kansas City area was bombarded by commercials on TV, radio and print for Stone Canyon Golf Course in Independence, MO designed by Greg “The Shark” Norman. And all these promotions included promoting a $50 preview rate in 2009 before the club went private in 2010! Well, today (6-20-09) Stone Canyon sent out an e-mail saying that as of July 1st that preview was going away Fri-Sun (when anybody can actually take advantage of it)! Pretty crappy of them. First of all, your in Independence – get over yourself. But even if you’re the greatest golf course ever changing this preview rate you promoted heavily for weeks and weeks before you opened on May 15th is crap. I don’t ever remember hearing this was 6 week preview rate….of course I didn’t hear that – that would be pretty weak. Wait…..that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Not a great first impression by the course, pretty crappy quite frankly. Continue Reading

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