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November 30, 2008

Excellent idea for where the change comes from…

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I absolutely LOVE this!!!

Subject: Executive Decision

TO: Fellow Business Executives:

As the CFO of this business that employees 140 people, I have
resigned myself to the fact that Barrack Obama will be our next
President, and that our taxes and government fees will increase in  
a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure that the clients will
have to see an increase in our fees to them of about 8% but since we
cannot increase our fees right now due to the dismal state of our
economy, we will have to lay off six of our employees instead.  This
has really been eating at me for a while, as we believe we are
family here and I didn’t know how to choose who will have to go. Continue Reading

November 14, 2008

Politics Simplified – It’s all about the Ice Cream

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Its all about the Ice Cream ….. The most eye-opening civics lesson I’ve ever heard was a teacher’s third 
grade class.  The presidential election was heating up and some of 
the children showed an interest.  I decided we would have an election 
for a class president.  We would choose our nominees.  They would make 
a campaign speech and the class would vote.

To simplify the process, candidates were nominated by other class
Members.  We discussed what kinds of characteristics these students
Should have. We got many nominations and from those, Jamie and Olivia
were picked to run for the top spot. Continue Reading

November 4, 2008

2008 Election Day Breaking News

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Due to long lines at polls all over America, Obama supporters are asked to please vote on Wednesday.

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